Students Associations

The students of the SBS-EM (ULB) are gathered in two associations:

BE Solvay (Bureau Etudiants Solvay) provides essentially academic services: academic coordination, business game, career services, and so on.

Since 1904, Cercle Solvay is linked to the folklore of the campus; it's the biggest student's association in Belgium in terms of members.

On the VUB Campus, Solvay students also have two associations:

INISOL (for Initiatief Groep Solvay) ^rovides students with practical experience and helps them building their network, among others through the organization of its annual trade mission.

Solvay Kring on the other hand is where the folklore is ensured, through many activities organized for the students on the campus.

Solvay students of Master years (MA1 & MA2) benefit from a free access to Solvay Schools Alumni.

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If you are a MA student of the Solvay schools and wish to get access to SSA, please contact our office (in your e-mail, please specify your year of study and your birthdate, so the office can create you an account in its system and provide you with access codes to this website).

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