The Oath Project

Willing to publicly stand for ethics in the business world? Willing to join an international network of signers coming from renowned business schools? Willing to simply help business progress further? 

Solvay Schools Alumni recently joined an international movement -The Oath Project- which proposes a universal ethical oath aimed at all businessmen/women in the world.

The Oath Project seeks to leverage its network to encourage businessmen/women to hold themselves -and each other- to the higher standard of integrity and service to society that is the hallmark of a true professional.

We believe the oath could serve as a reminder of the impact managers could have inside and outside their organizations.

All Solvay Schools Alumni have now the opportunity to be part of this international movement by signing the oath online on the Solvay Schools Alumni website. Oath taking ceremonies are also organized for the new Alumni generation after the official graduation ceremony. The first one took place in September 2012 and gathered 100 signatures.

To learn more about our oath and our monitoring committee, please click on the link below.

Sign the Management Oath

By clicking on this link, you confirm that you agree with all principles stated in the oath, as described on this website (see section About the oath). To officialize your commitment, your name will appear in the oath takers online list.

Sign the Management Oath

About the oath


Learn more about the oath and the monitoring committee.

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The oath takers


Check who signed the oath.

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