Running club

Dear runners,

"Mens sana in corpore sano"

Every person has at one point in his life heard this sentence and I think it is important to keep it in mind on an everyday basis.

YES, it is difficult and almost a challenge to manage a perfect work/life balance as professional life is between 20% (cool) and ... waytoomuch% (uncool) of our weekly time budget, BUT it is your role to set priorities between family, friends, health and any other interests/hobbies you may have.

Running is probably one of the most accessible physical activity for every person on this planet. Actually, you just need shoes (some do not), motivation and... that's it! You just have to find a little time during your day, morning, lunch, evening or even night!

Some people perceive it as an occasional pleasure, some as a need, some as a personal challenge or even as a way to lose the numerous calories of business diners.

Whatever your motivation is to make this one more step when you are running, it is enough for me to be glad to invite you to join the Solvay Schools Alumni Running Club on its various activities such as trainings, individual races or group races we will join as Solvay Schools Alumni members during the year.



Club Goals


Sport lovers are welcome in our club.

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Club Members

Running Club

You will meet interesting alumni with varied backgrounds, and with common sports goals.

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