Women Network

Dominique Leroy

We help women excel through a strong and friendly network!

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Africa Business Club


Highly skilled people sharing the interest for the socio-economic development of Africa through Business.

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MBA Club


The MBA Club has been established to engage and serve our members throughout their careers

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Running club

Running Club

"Mens sana in corpore sano". What other mojo could the Running Club adopt? But how can one reach this goal?

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Governance club

Placeholder landscape

Corporate governance related topics regularly hit the headlines and generate much debate. Our club aims to be a forum of discussion where corporate governance issues will be approached from many sides.

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Entrepreneurs club


Dedicated to all our fellow entrepreneurs, this club is led by three very motivated alumni, who share their passion for entrepreneurship by organizing frequent activities, mixing learning and networking.

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VUB club


De vzw- Alumni Solvay VUB werd in 1986 opgericht. Nu toegevoegd aan Solvay Schools Alumni, zijn bedoeling blijft de contacten tussen de afgestudeerden van Solvay-VUB te bevorderen.

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Marketing & sales club


The Marketing and Sales Club organizes high level conferences aiming at providing its members with knowledge and networking opportunities.

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Depuis 1973, date de la première session, une cinquantaine de cadres et entrepreneurs suivent chaque année ce programme d'Executive Master in Management (EMM), anciennement "Cepac".

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Finance club


The Finance Club is a networking hub, i.e. an organisation that provides a meeting environment to the financial community of Brussels.

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IT club


The IT Club is a unique forum where both executives and alumni can exchange knowledge and experience from the IT sector.

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The Oath Project


The Oath Project promotes ethics in business through building a community of signers willing to publicly stand for the professional values they share.

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