Ambassador Network

Our alumni association is represented locally through its Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls.

They are active (1) in local geographies, (2) in large corporations, and (3) in their own classes (promo).

They are appointed officially and often are the first point of contact for many alumni.


The Role of our Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls

The Corporate Ambassador fosters an esprit de corps among the local Solvay alumni, develops our alumni's network, and liaises between our alumni association and the corporation. 

The Class Ambassador takes the lead to mobilize former classmates whenever necessary, e.g., getting wedding and career news, gathering to class Reunions. 

In countries adjacent to Belgium, where there is an active Solvay Alumni community, the Country Ambassador is the leader of the local alumni Chapter.

In other countries, our alumni association is represented through a Honorary Consul whenever possible. The latter has a representative function to the local Belgian authorities and a local supportive role to Solvay alumni that would solicit it.



The primary purpose of our Solvay Alumni Association and its Ambassador and Honorary Consuls is to promote a high level of solidarity among its alumni.


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