5 good reasons

Your membership matters!

Whether you are just starting your career or you are now a captain of industry, in Belgium or abroad, there are many ways in which you could benefit from the Alumni association.

The Solvay Schools Alumni association offers a variety of benefits, programs and services.

Here are 5 good reasons to become a contributing member of Solvay Schools Alumni.

1) A real, strong and performant professional network

"Networking is a way to develop relationships that help you gain insights into an industry, a company, or a career path. Given that 65 to 85 percent of jobs are found through networking, it should be the focus of about 80 percent of your allotted search time" (Harvard Business Review).

The Solvay Net works. Most of our members use it, regularly. They learn how to use it over the years, and they do activate it, during and between Alumni events. Believe it or not, many professionals in the workplace want to help you! These are people who enjoy their jobs and who find satisfaction not only in talking about their work, but also in helping others.

Your membership builds the network and give you access to this network.

2) Free or discounted access to activities and services

Every month, the Solvay Schools Alumni Association organizes activities for its members. You can join the different thematic clubs: Marketing , Finance , IT, and Entrepreneurs. You can use the career services. You can attend our Congress and Big Conferences.  See on this website the program of the upcoming events.

Your membership gives you free or discounted access to these activities.

3) Stay connected with more than 21.000 Alumni via the online and printed directories

Make sure that we have your updated personal and professional details - this is critical if you want to make the most of the network. The best way to keep in touch with each other and the Schools is through the Alumni directories. You can update your records here. You have access to 19.000 Alumni, from all  Solvay degrees (ULB and VUB). Your membership gives you a free copy of the paper directory and helps us permantly develop the online directory.

4) Continuum between the Solvay Schools (ULB and VUB) and the Alumni association

I am personally extremely proud to be a Solvay graduate and I recognize that my business achievements are founded on the knowledge and confidence given to me at the Solvay Brussels School. Our Alumni association wants to support the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and the Solvay Business School, their students and their projects. Significant portions of your membership are returned to your degree college.

5) Help us keep developing the range and ease of use of its services

To develop and enhance the Association's services we need to ask our members for financial support. A modest, individual, annual contribution provides the funds which would enable us to achieve our goals.

Your membership matters!

I would ask you to join me in contributing just 100€ a year (discounted fees exist for young graduates and retirees). You chose the Solvay Brussels Schools to get the business education you wanted. You can choose now to continue to benefit from that decision.

Become a contributing member