Organizational Intelligence: Learn the rules of the game to increase your odds of success

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SSA is proud to announce the third in-depth event of our new cycle of Personal and Professional Development program, a program aiming at helping all alumni to unlock their full potential, by experimenting in a safe and well-wishing group of peers:

Learn the rules of the game to increase your odds of success

An exclusive and intimate event, May 26th and 27th, Genval
What if you could have better and easier relationships with those people in your life that you find challenging or just can’t figure out? Perhaps you want to be considered for a promotion or want to be heard and taken seriously in meetings? What if you could get your point across better? Wouldn’t it be nice to better understand organizational cultures or certain people, so you would know how to adapt or where you would fit in best?

If you want to become a more efficient and stronger communicator, relationship builder or better leader, then this 1 ½ day residential workshop might be what you’ve been looking for!
At the 11 May teaser event, many of you already reflected on your own drivers and interpersonal positioning style, and how you can have better conversations with others to reach your goals more easily.

Were you among those participants? Or you desperately wanted to come but missed that great event? No worries! You can still join our exclusive workshop on 26 & 27 May in Genval.        
Here’s a grasp of what you will get during this highly interactive workshop:
  • The 3 drivers of behavior that can help you reach your goals, whatever they are
  • Understand where “challenging people” are coming from and how to respond: leading to better relationships, more impact, less frustration and more meaningful results
  • How people position themselves at different levels of an organization: the obvious and less obvious behaviors that bring success
  • Access to your full Sommer Survey report, detailing 50 behavioral features that reflect your priorities and preferences at work and what you might be missing to reach your objectives and outcomes within your environment
  • How to connect with people and give feedback in a way that you’re more likely to get what you want
  • Practical examples and case studies from real life events and change projects
  • Various exercises and interactive moments to practice and anchor the learnings
The session is open to all, senior and less senior, as long as you want to acquire and practice useful techniques to have more professional and personal impact.

Our facilitators for this workshop will be Christophe Geerkens and Paola Campo, both experienced facilitators in the field of organizational intelligence.

Christophe GEERKENS


Christophe GEERKENS
European Partner

Learning and Development Specialist

Christophe specializes in understanding, predicting and influencing behavior. He has 13 years of experience in training, coaching, consulting and change management projects, and is the European partner and co-developer of the Sommer Survey, a psychometric tool to assess how people make decisions and position themselves at work.

Paola specializes in learning solutions and content strategy, focusing on how to deliver information in the most effective manner. As a specialist in accelerated learning techniques, change management strategies, process improvement and the behavioral components behind the Sommer Survey, she brings in relevant insights, examples and real life stories.



 Presents its third long-event

Organized by the Career Services of Solvay Schools Alumni

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Friday May 26th, 2017 as of 10.00am till Saturday May 27th, 2017 until 2.00pm.

Location: Genval, Martin's Château du Lac (Residential).

PAF: 423,50 EUR (350 EUR + 21% VAT) to cover the hotel room, meals and some organization costs, all other costs being covered by your association.


Please register on our website or to Fabienne, ASAP, and before May 21st, 2017 (this will be your last chance to participate to this event).

The participation fee of 423,50 EUR (350 EUR + 21% VAT) can either be paid on our website, or by bank transfer to:

Solvay Schools Alumni

BE39 7323 3109 6619

--Please mention your name and "PPD 26/05" in communication of the wire--

  • Event:

    Organizational Intelligence: Learn the rules of the game to increase your odds of success

    26.05.2017 10:00 AM - 27.05.2017 14:00 PM
    Martin's Château du Lac
    Activity price:
    Solvay Alumnus/ae: € 423.5

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