Organizational Intelligence: And if you were taking some time to develop yourself?

Seminar on Centered Leadership - Take some time to develop yourself
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And if you were taking some time to develop yourself?

May 11th, Brussels

Success in business highly depends on your ability to understand how organizations work.

As soon as people come together, they naturally take up a “position”, which defines how they’ll go about interacting with others and how they get things done. This is called interpersonal positioning or office politics.

Even if you decide not to participate in office politics, as long as you work with or for an organization, the “interpersonal positioning game” will continue, with you in it. Some people decide not to participate, which often means they lose by default.

Why not join our interactive workshop on 11 May 2017 at 20.00, to further discover how people and organizations work, develop your organizational intelligence and how you can be a more effective player in the business world?

 In this workshop you will:

  •  Discover the 3 theories about human behavior and how people position themselves
  •  Better understand how you consciously and unconsciously position yourself
  • Gain a better understanding of office politics and increase your organizational intelligence
  •  Gain some practical tools and techniques to succeed in business and have more impact on people
When you want to explore further and make real work of developing your organizational intelligence, you can register for a 1 ½ day residential training on 26 & 27 May 2017.

Our facilitator for the workshop and training will be Christophe Geerkens.
Christophe GEERKENS
Christophe GEERKENS
European Partner

Christophe GEERKENS

Christophe specializes in understanding, predicting and influencing behavior. He has 13 years of experience in training, coaching and change management consulting projects, and is the European partner and co-developer of the Sommer Survey, a psychometric tool to assess how people make decisions and position themselves at work.

Once you register for the workshop, you’ll get a link to complete the Sommer Survey. We kindly ask you to fill it in and your report will be available during the workshop.


 Presents its third short-event

Organized by the Career Services of Solvay Schools Alumni
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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 at 8.00pm

Location: ULB Campus, SBS-EM Building (R42.4.110)
Register by email to Fabienne ( before Thursday, May 8th.

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    Organizational Intelligence: And if you were taking some time to develop yourself?

    11.05.2017 20:00 PM - 11.05.2017 23:00 PM
    SBS-EM Building, R42.4.110
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