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Growing a business is a matter of do or die

New sources of growth come from redesigning business models, creating something new, and exploring disruptive services. New business models don’t have to be complex. Yet a recent McKinsey survey found that just 27 percent of companies systematically scan for opportunities to expand beyond their core business.
Marketing & Sales Club: New Sources of Growth. Customer-centric innovation by design

Xavier Huberland
(Solvay 1987)

Hans Verwimp
(Solvay 1995)

Xavier Huberland

Hans Verwimp

Directeur général Pôle Médias


Sales & Marketing Director

Studio 100 BeNeLux

Xavier Huberland, Solvay 1987, is leading the Media Pole of the public-service broadcasting organization RTBF since March 2018. Given his position and his marketing background (incl. Marketeer of the Year 2002), Xavier is truly at the center of the understanding of the media ‘customer’ needs and of the definition of their impact on the media platforms of tomorrow. Xavier has been working previously for companies like Nielsen, Kraft Foods, Proximus, RTL. He is also a novel writer. His last book “Et si c’était vous…” has been published early this year.

Hans Verwimp, Solvay 1995, has held various marketing and sales positions during 19 years at Unilever before joining Studio 100, where he is now Benelux Sales & Marketing Director. Starting with a small TV production (Samson & Gert) in 1996, Studio 100 is now one of the largest independent family entertainment companies globally, with brands like Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking, Heidi, Plop The Gnome & Plopsaland, superheroine Mega Mindy and the girls band K3. In marketing its license rights, the Company pursues a global strategy within sectors ranging from Content Distribution, Licensing and Home Entertainment through to Theatrical Movies, Stage Shows and Theme Parks.

Date September 12th 2019 at 6:30pm
Place VOO Brussels Office
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Revenue growth is critical, but few companies get it right. McKinsey&Company research shows:
  1. Organic growth is key. At comparable growth levels, companies with more organic growth outperform those with more growth from acquisition
  2. Growth is key to survival. 50% higher survival rate if growing above GDP growth rate, but must be profitable growth
  3. Growth is hard to sustain. Only 9% of companies were able to remain in the S&P 500 with above GDP growth over 30 years
  4. Growth requires granularity. 2,3x more revenue growth when able to focus on 2.5x fewer cells.
  5. No systematic growth management. Less than 30% of companies are systematically scanning for and evaluating new growth opportunities
The Marketing & Sales Club, together with McKinsey&Company, aims to bring you insights on how to master the new art of multi-dimensional organic growth and share ideas with & from other Alumni, during the following 3 conferences & networking events this year:
  1. PERFORM (April 4th 2019) - Capturing value and optimizing your commercial capabilities by using digital & advanced analytics
  2. CREATE (Sept 12th 2019) - Innovating by design with the customer at the center. New sources of growth come from redesigning business models, creating things from scratch, and exploring disruptive ideas. That may mean disrupting your industry before others do it for you, in the knowledge that some initiatives will fail.
  3. INVEST (tbd) - Putting your money where the growth is: continuously act as an investor by freeing up funding and then dynamically reallocating it to promising new initiatives or proven winners that could outperform with more support.

McKinsey & Company

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    Marketing & Sales Club: New Sources of Growth. Customer-centric innovation by design

    12.09.2019 19:00 PM - 12.09.2019 22:30 PM
    VOO Brussels Office - Avenue Ariane 5, 1201 Woluwé Saint Lambert
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