Conference: How to be really innovative and create better products thanks to a better understanding of brain science?

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An evening under the leadership of a Stanford professor, and bestselling author!

What makes one innovation good and another great? Is the ability to drive game changing innovation something you get in your baby cradle or a talent you can develop?

Combining neuroscience, the latest frameworks of design thinking, and experience with Apple, Google, Airbnb, as an entrepreneur, and beyond, Ellen Petry Leanse will share how understanding the brain can help anyone think differently about creativity and improve our capabilities to innovate successful products.

A conference lead by
Ellen Petry Leanse
Professor at Stanford University
Bestselling author of The Happiness Hack
Discover more about her in this video  

Ellen's years at Apple put her at the heart of extraordinary innovation. She served on the Macintosh launch team and made digital history by bringing Apple online in 1985 and led the company's pioneering work in creating online communities. She later worked for Google as Head of Global Marketing Communications. Ellen has been named as one of the Top 5 influencer in Silicon Valley and was a finalist to be a White House Innovation Fellow.

Based on 35 years working with leaders at Apple, Google, Facebook and more than 40 promising start-ups, Ellen Petry Leanse today advises companies about creating impact. Next to teaching at Stanford, being a tech advisor and innovation coach, she has also recently published the bestselling book, The Happiness Hack, a brain-aware guide to life satisfaction.

Interested? Intrigued? Curious to learn more? Wanting to unleash your creative power?

We are happy to welcome you for a unique opportunity to discuss with Ellen, challenge your perspectives on your visionary ability and learn about ways to unleash your innovative potential.

Wednesday 30 May 2018 - Welcome at 6.30pm

Co.Station, Parvis Sainte-Gudule 5 - 1000 Brussels
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18:30-19:00 Welcome
Introduction & Presentation
19:45-20:30 Discussion
20:30-22:00 Book-signing, Networking & Drink
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Entrance fee: 45 EUR (This covers your participation fee, drinks and catering, as well as a copy of Ellen’s new book, signed personally for every participant)

Mind you: seats are limited and your reservation will only be effective after receipt of your payment.

Come and listen to this fantastic speaker who has worked with some of the most game-changing companies around the world! This unique opportunity to meet and discuss with Ellen is offered by the Solvay Schools Alumni Association to all its Paid-Up members. Don’t hesitate to register now!
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    Conference: How to be really innovative and create better products thanks to a better understanding of brain science?

    30.05.2018 18:30 PM - 30.05.2018 22:00 PM
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    Paid-up member: € 45
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