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SSA Retail Club Invitation


We are excited to invite you to the second session of the SSA Retail Club that is scheduled on April 19th.
A few weeks ago, we asked you the topics you’d like to discuss in our next session and we were very happy to receive some very interesting input ! Thanks to the Alumni who shared with us the topics that matter the most to them, the focus of our next gathering will be dedicated to New Generation Management and how companies can stimulate exchange between generations:
  • How to make 3 generations working together in a way that is satisfying for everybody?
  • How do we attract and retain the new generation?
  • How do we manage the different expectations of different generations ?
The session will be animated by Claude Boffa.

Yoni Szpiro, Generation Expert and General Manager of Generations Recruitment will lead us from theory to practice and Daniel Berhin, Research Manager of McKinsey will share his experience with us. 

We are currently discussing with other exciting Panel participants. Stay tuned in our Private Facebook Group “Solvay Schools Alumni Retail Club” to learn more about who will come.
Subscriptions are open until the 17th of April, so let us know now if you can join us!

I confirm!

Looking forward to seeing you there for an inspiring evening!

Anja, Bert, Céline & Frederik

19.04.2018 ULB - Building D
(DC2.223 - Ground Floor)
18.30 Click here to see the map
18:30 Welcome
19:00 - 19:15 Introduction - Presentation - Expectations
19:15 - 20:00 Speech
19:45 - 20:30 Panel
20:30 - 21:00 Interactive part - Exchange of experience
21:00 - 22:00 Networking & Drink

Contact us! Call or mail Anja, Bert or Céline:

Anja - - 0476/54.65.80

Bert - - 0475/55.04.62

Céline  - 0496/10.98.62



  • Event:

    SSA Retail Club - New Generation Management

    19.04.2018 18:30 PM - 19.04.2018 22:30 PM
    ULB Building D (DC2.223 - Groud Floor)
    Activity price:
    Alumni from Retail Programme: € 0
    Alumni from other programs that Retail: € 25

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