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SolvaySchoolsAlumni is a non-profit organization gathering all graduates from Solvay Business School VUB, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management ULB, further called "the association".

The graduates have obtained a diploma from one of following Schools: Solvay Business School VUB or Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management ULB, Solvay Executive Education asbl, Solvay Entrepreneurs asbl, further called "the alumni".

Service declaration (purposes of processing)

The association is at the service of the alumni and collects personal information of alumni (name, date of birth, gender, postal address, electronic address, year of graduation, diploma, function, company details) from the authorized faculties of both schools for:

  • Informative and educational purposes including but not limited to: invitations to alumni activities, school offers, institutional communication of the Schools;
  • Networking, keeping bonds between the alumni and their schools, between the alumni themselves, institutional communication of the Schools and the Universities

Data processing

The alumni personal data are collected in a profile which they have the right to consult, edit and delete. For consulting and editing the personal profile the alumni use their personal access codes to connect to the association's website. In order to delete a profile, an email has to be sent to info@solvayschoolsalumni.net with the specific and reasonable request to permanently delete one's profile and a copy of the ID card relative to the profile.

From September till December each new graduate receives a welcome email with his/her personal access codes to connect to the website: www.solvayschoolsalumni.net

The alumni have the right to specify communication preferences in his/her profile in order for the association to tailor its communication.

The Directory is a data collection including following information: Name, first name, postal address, electronic address, year of graduation and diploma, company, function, company contact details.

The directory can be consulted by the alumni by two means: online after connecting to the website or in the print version which is distributed to the members of the association.

The alumni can specify in their profile if their personal data can be published in the Directory and therefore be visible to other alumni.

Data protection

The association is committed to the protection of the alumni personal data and continuously reviews its IT system and data to ensure the best service to its alumni.

The personal access codes are considered confidential and therefore encrypted with the Vernum Cipher method.

The alumni personal data will not be used for political or commercial purposes. Therefore the association will not use electronic addresses for unsolicited mail. All postal and electronic mails sent by the association will be in connection with the preferences that are provided in the alumni profile.

The alumni contact data, including name and electronic address, can be passed on to third parties, located national and international, upon request for the organization of an alumni event.


The association is not responsible for the acts of third parties and their consequences on the use of personal data that is published in the Directory.


Any complaints regarding the use or abuse of personal information should be addressed to Solvay Schools Alumni asbl/vzw. In case the parties that are involved are unable to come to a common solution, the case will be passed to the Privacy Commission.


Solvay Schools Alumni association cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate content or wrong information published on this site by others. Would you find any wrong information, inappropriate content or any illegal reproduction of any material (photos, videos, texts, articles from the press, other), please contact immediately our office:

By email to info@solvayschoolsalumni.net

or by postal mail:

Solvay Schools Alumni asbl/vzw
Avenue F.D. Rooseveltlaan 50 CP 141
1050 Brussels

Identification Number/VAT: BE0409.448.777