Description of the club

The Governance club's objectives are to organize each year 2 to 4 conferences on corporate governance-related topics.

These events will target multiple audiences :

  • Solvay Schools alumni
  • ULB and VUB students
  • And a broader audience.

Paid-up Solvay Schools alumni and ULB-VUB students will be invited to contribute a small fee to cover organization and catering costs. All other participants will be asked to contribute more substantially. Non paid-up alumni can always benefit from the reduced rate proposed by paying their subscription fee at the time of registration to any event.

The club's events will give the opportunity to reflect on important issues that concern each of us in the conduct of our business life. They will also be unique opportunities to meet others and develop personal relations.

Currently, the Governance Club is looking for a new leading team, motivated and willing to organize these great events.

Interested? Contact us!

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By joining the Governance Club, you will have the opportunity to learn new ideas, to meet with other professionals in a nice and inspiring environment.

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