Alexander De Wit (ICS 1992) publishes his first children picture book

My name is Alexander de Wit and I am a 1992 alumni (ICS). I just wanted to share the news of my first children picture book, that was officially launched three weeks ago. It will be part of a series, and each small book will come with a big message for children and parents on themes such as self-confidence, collaboration and overcoming challenges. On this link, you will find preliminary media coverage on the book.

A Giant Leap for Trini!

Hi, friend! Today is the official publication date of Trini's Big Leap, co-authored by Alexander de Wit and Beth Kephart and illustrated by William Sulit. It's the first title in our terrific Fall 2019 season, and we are so proud to share it with you!

Trini is the highest flyer, the strongest gripper, the most spectacular cartwheeler at her after-school club. She easily masters any gymnastic move her teachers show her, and always says, “I can do that.” But when she tries to construct buildings out of blocks like her friends do, she discovers that some things don’t come as easily for her. Through the encouragement of her friends, Trini learns the value collaboration and trying new things, even when they aren’t so easy. An afterword by the founder and CEO of The Little Gym Europe outlines why it’s important to encourage children to try new and difficult things.