MBA Alumni creating their Club: the MBA Club is born!

For the last few years, the MBA Alumni have been meeting up and organizing spontaneous events to connect and discuss about trending technologies and new business models. So, being very good MBA students, we started thinking that there was an “opportunity” in front of us.

Following the methods that the MBA Professors taught us in class, we developed a “Minimum-Viable-Product” (MVP) based on connecting MBA Alumni and Students in an informal setting. We decided to test our MVP in September 2018 with a networking event in Brussels to get together. About 30 “customers” showed up to “connect” (proof in the side picture) and gave us enthusiastic feedback about our MVP! That’s how our first “Get-Together” started.

Next, we thought that we could give even more value to our “customers”, and we developed a MVP 2.0 adding a “learning” session to a “connect” event. In January 2019, we invited a senior executive to talk about managing security in today’s challenging cyber landscape, followed by a speed-networking session. Again about 35 “customers” joined us and engaged in interesting discussions about cybersecurity. That’s how our first “Connect & Learn” session started. Our “value proposition” was validated, and we could start our “operations”!

Having validated both “Connect&” formats, we needed to put an operational structure in place to be able to support such activities going forward. The MBA Club was born on March 7, 2019 as the go-to professional community for Alumni and Students from the Solvay Executive MBA Program, and it is now part of the Solvay Schools Alumni (SSA) association as of June 2019.

In June 2019, the MBA Club held their inaugural “Connect & Learn” event together with the Solvay Executive MBA co-directors Prof. Bruno Van Pottelesberghe and John Metselaar, and with the SSA, represented by Isabelle Langlois-Loris.

Announcing the official formation of the MBA Club, Eleonora Lambridis, president of the MBA Club, noted that “within the SSA and connected to the Solvay Executive MBA Program, our club will be the hub for MBA alumni engagement, and closer connections with other alumni groups”.

We believe that having an MBA Alumni network represents a win-win-win for Alumni-Students-School. Within the SSA and connected to the Solvay Executive MBA Program, it will be a pivotal tool to revitalize, maintain and build the network among the MBA Alumni as well as with the MBA Students and give opportunities to connect with other Solvay Alumni through the SSA. The MBA Club aims at providing opportunities for:

  • continuous learning, through the “Connect & Learn” sessions,

  • career & personal development, through the Career and Mentoring activities,

  • networking & celebration, through the informal Get-Together events.

The Executive MBA being a deeply international program, the MBA Club wants also to reconnect with the Alumni who moved abroad and involve them in the different activities with the help of new communication technologies. We are working on this and we are open to suggestions!

Other activities for MBA Club members include the Career and Mentoring Program – which will be launched soon with the objective to help and support MBA Club members for career and leadership matters to support professional and personal growth.

To learn more about the MBA Club and upcoming activities, join the MBA Club and follow us on LinkedIn. If you would like to get in touch, give us suggestions and feedback, please write us.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the next MBA Club events!