Description of the club

The VUB Club aims to bring the alumni of the VUB Solvay Business School together, within the framework of the Solvay Schools Alumni association. This was made possible through the successful integration of the previously autonomous ULB and VUB organizations. The final step of this integration process was completed in 2011, following many years of fruitful cooperation.

With a variety of activities we want to strengthen the ties between the recently graduated business engineers and the more experienced professionals from all fields of business and academics. Some of our activities such as the annual BBQ have been organized for many years and participants are guaranteed to pass a pleasant evening in the company of old classmates and friends. We also regularly organize a contact evening with the students who have started their last year of the program. This gives the students a first impression of the benefits of joining the association. Among them the many activities organized by the main organization and the other clubs. Those VUB-evenings are organized in cooperation with the Solvay Kring. Other fun activities include inter alia a whisky tasting evening, and networking events.

One of our main responsibilities is the representation of the business engineering alumni within the VEHUB association, which comprises all alumni of economic programs of the VUB. VEHUB, in turn, represents the VUB alumni within the Flemish Economic Society (VVE). Together with the VUB Economics Alumni association and VEHUB, we shall organize the two-yearly Flemish Scientific Economics Congress in 2016 as part of the rotation with the other Flemish universities. In preparation of this conference the VVE-Day will take place in 2015 and is aimed at young researchers.

We hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

The VUB Club Team