Description of the club

Welcome to the Entrepreneur's Club of Solvay Schools Alumni.

Below, you will discover a brief summary of our "mission statement" . 

•        Description of the Entrepreneurs' Club

-         Stimulate and discover

-         Laugh and dream

-         Meet and exchange

-         Gather and unify

•         Values we wish to promote through the club's actions

-         Entrepreneurship, passion for creating new ventures, loyalty, conviviality , enthusiasm, joy, openness, sharing, adventure, courage, audacity, passion and optimism.

•         Interests of the events

Each of our events should allow our participants:

-         to enlarge their network

-         to share experiences

-         to be entertained and have a good time

-         to learn

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...and keep up to date in the field of entrepreneurship, share your experience as an entrepreneur, or learn from those who already succeeded in creating their own business...

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