Inspirational Leadership: What’s on your agenda for 2017? Residential seminar

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SSA is proud to announce the second in-depth event of our new cycle of Personal and Professional Development program, a program aiming at helping all alumni to unlock their full potential, by experimenting in a safe and well-wishing group of peers:

Reinforcing your bag of leadership styles – a focus on the 3 pull styles

An exclusive and intimate event, March 24th and 25th, Genval
Last chance to register (before March 15th) 

At the February 7th teaser event, over 50 alumni reflected and shared on their own leadership styles, the ones they feel most comfortable using, the ones they sometimes overuse and the ones they feel are more challenging. Were you among those participants? Or you desperately wanted to come but missed that great event which generated fantastic positive feedback?

No worries: come and participate to an exclusive workshop, a deeper journey to practice and experiment more of the “pull” leadership styles, i.e. the affiliative, participative and coaching leadership styles.  

According to Daniel Goleman, leadership styles are like golf clubs, you need to have a well-furnished bag and know how and when to use your clubs. The most effective and inspirational executives use a collection of leadership styles, each in the right measure and just at the right time. They know when to tell and direct, when to listen and align and when to question and coach. They know how to empower people by helping them solve their problems rather than by solving them for them. They can tap into their team’s energy and resources by helping them reach their own insights and set their own actions.

Our residential training will be the opportunity to reinforce your bag of leadership styles. Come and join us on March 24th as of 14:00 at the Chateau du Lac, Genval, for a day and half journey. It will be an exclusive and intimate event during which you will experiment using "real-play". We will explore how to create affiliation through trust and empathy, we will use actual dilemmas and real work challenges to further explore the impact of powerful questions in pairs and in groups. All of that in a safe and friendly environment while connecting with like-minded alumni!

The session is open to all, senior and less senior, as long as you want to make real work of connecting with your leadership styles and practice new techniques to have more professional and personal impact.

Our facilitators for this workshop will be Brigitte Lipshutz and Deborah Lacher, both experienced coaches and leadership consultants, who already wonderfully animated the appetizer session.


Deborah Lacher

Brigitte Lipschutz

Deborah LACHER
Founder & CEO, Senior Executive Coach and Consultant
Soudashu & Consulting

Leadership development - Coaching, training and facilitation

Deborah Lacher is an experienced consultant, facilitator, trainer and business senior executive coach.  Her background and practice is both rooted in research and in business work. Deborah has worked at McKinsey & Company as a Consultant and then as a Senior Organization Expert. Since 2011, she has been working in this field as an independent professional.  She is the founder and CEO of Soudashu & Consulting, a growing leadership development firm and an Associate of TPC Leadership, an international leading company offering a range of services and trusted advisors in leadership, coaching and consultancy. Deborah’s depth of experience comes from her practice work over the last fifteen years in a broad range of public and private companies and entrepreneurial ventures around the world in a variety of sectors on questions of strategy, operations, leadership, coaching, talent management and change management. Deborah supports individuals and teams to discover new options and unlock their potential in service of performance and health.

Brigitte Lipschutz has a passion to help people in their development and change journey. She does so through Business and Executive Coaching as well as through Training.

Brigitte has been trained in Individual Coaching, Group and Team Coaching as well as Cross Cultural Coaching in international schools recognized by the International Coaching Federation. She has coaching experience from mid-level managers to senior executives, in medium to large multinationals, in more entrepreneurial ventures as well as in the European institutions.

Brigitte’s specificity as a coach is her background that is both rooted in science and in business. Her coaching practice is supported by four pillars:

- Leadership Development: Brigitte has participated in the development of tools to facilitate Executive Integration, CEO Succession and Team Effectiveness for the Leadership Lab of Egon Zehnder International

- Management Consulting: Brigitte has worked on management consulting projects as a consultant (senior associate) for the Boston Consulting Group- Cognitive 

-  Neuroscience: Brigitte has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and has worked as a researcher doing functional brain imaging studies at University College London

-   Psychology: Brigitte holds a masters in psychology and has been a visiting professor at the psychology department of the Université Libre de Bruxelles

This diverse background allows her to feel comfortable during all types of coaching conversations, from “soft” issues to concrete business challenges.



 Presents its second long-event

Organized by the Career Services of Solvay Schools Alumni

More info:


Friday March 24th, 2017 as of 14.00pm till Saturday March 25th, 2017.

Location: Genval, Martin's Château du Lac (Residential).

PAF: 363 EUR (300 EUR + 21% VAT) to cover the hotel room, meals and some organization costs, all other costs being covered by your association.


Please register on our website or to Fabienne, ASAP, and before March 15th, 2017 (this will be your last chance to participate to this event)

The participation fee of 363 EUR (300 EUR + 21% VAT) can either be paid on our website, or by bank transfer to:

Solvay Schools Alumni

BE39 7323 3109 6619

--Please mention your name and "PPD 24/03" in communication of the wire--

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    Inspirational Leadership: What’s on your agenda for 2017? Residential seminar

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