Are you a young financial with a lot of potential? Then discover what finance has more in store for you...

In this traject a team of experts and top CFO's want to share their knowledge end let you taste all the goodies in finance. On top of that you can take your shot to win the award for Best Young Potential in Finance 2019.

As a young potential you have at least 2 years of experience in a (coporate) finance function and are 35 years old or younger. In the beginning of the competition teams are formed with 4 to 5 young finance professionals. They all are from different companies. During June, September and October you and your team will need to solve different business cases given by our experts. To inspire and help you, we organize training and inspiration sessions for all participants.

Each group also has a team coach who helps you to progress in the cases and has an expert coach that is available to help you with more content and expertise. By the end of October the jury will invite each team to present the results of their cases. On November 28 all teams, together with 300 finance professionals, will discover which team will be the winner of Best Young Potential in Finance 2019 during a our closing event at The Montil, Affligem.

Interested? Please send an email to or find out more on our website.