New SolvaySchoolsAlumni Career Center on its way!

Dear Alumni,

We are in the process of implementing a new platform for our Career Center in order to give you more opportunities and help you handle your career path. This platform will be hosted on JobTeaser, which is a partner of a lot of schools in Belgium and abroad, but more importantly of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and the VUB.

This means that we are keeping the continuity with what the Schools have started for their students and we hope that it will help YOU in your professional life.

That is only a first step on our way to improve our (digital) services and we promise you more novelties in the months to come. In the meantime, we will let you discover this brand new Career Center, AS FROM APRIL 29. You will be able to upload your CV there and companies will have the opportunity to share their job offers.

@Companies: until April 28, you will be able to post job offers on our current website, but we strongly encourage you to create your corporate profile on the JobTeaser platform so that you do not miss the chance to continue sharing job offers with our alumni as from April 29 (when we completely switch to our new platform). 

Here are the useful links: