Office team

Solvay Schools Alumni has a permanent team at the service of the alumni community. Never hesitate to contact them for any question or request for support.


Fabienne Becker


Member since 1989 of the office of Solvay Schools Alumni (the Union des Ingénieurs Commerciaux back then), Fabienne has studied criminologie at the ULB.
Fabienne has two daughters: Zoé and Aurore, and a grand daughter, Lucie.

For 25 years now, Fabienne has been the contact person for the alumni. She is now coordinator for the SSA Career Services, which include the job and coaching sessions, as well as our new program: the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) programme.

Contact details: fabienne[at] - +32.2.650.35.51


Sophie Paquet


Sophie has obtained a Master degree in Translation (EN/RU > FR) in September 2010. She also speaks a little of Spanish, and Dutch. 

She has first joined the SSA team to help for the organization of their 4th Congress in 2016. Right after that, Sophie has become a permanent employee of the association, as she took on several duties: administrative follow-up, event organization, and becoming a contact person for all the members' requests. 

Contact details: sophie[at] - +32.2.650.30.59


Michaël van Zeebroeck


Michaël has obtained his Master degree in Political sciences in September 2008. He had already done many student jobs at the Solvay Brussels School, which led him naturally to work for Solvay Schools Alumni now and then as per November 2008.

Since 2009, Michaël is a full-time employee of the association, in charge of the coordination of the association's many projets. Among others, Michaël now coordinates our communication, on- and offline, ensures the reporting, and general coordination of the association. In the meantime, he has obtained a Complementary Master in Management from the SBS-EM (class of 2013).

Contact details: michael[at] - +32.2.650.67.12