The Manneken Trip: an Initiative from Arnaud Maldague (SSA 2015)

"The Manneken Trip" is a human powered adventure into the deep wild. The goal of the journey is to cross the American continent from North to South while using several transportation means but without using any motorized ones. Based on constant learning through new discoveries in very different geographical and climatic conditions, the trip will be realized by outperforming different sports such as backcountry skiing, snow-kiting, kayaking, horse-riding, cycling , sailing, etc.

Starting end December 2017, “The Manneken Trip” is a 30 months journey through the Americas, from Canada to Ushuaia. This exploration will totalize about 35.000 km through 16 countries facing natural challenges as the extreme polar cold, the Mississippi river, the Caribbean Sea, the Amazonian jungle, Patagonia and many others. The Manneken Trip is the first human attempt of a man-powered crossing of the Americas using such a variety of practices.

This unique and unprecedented adventure articulates around five essential values: Human, Nature, Discovering, Outperforming and Sharing. But more than an adventure, the Manneken Trip will promote environmental initiatives all over the Americas. The Manneken Trip will end in 2020, which aligns with the Paris climate agreement goals. This journey and the attention it will generate is consequently an opportunity to inspire people through sustainable examples by reporting various ecological actors such as citizens, businesses, Green Technologies, Non-profit organizations and Scientifics.

Sharing this incredible experience is an integral part of the project and will happen through various media. The journey itself, its news feeds, as well as its preparative will be shared through the Manneken Trip’s website and its related Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages. The project will also generate press coverage aiming to increase the Manneken Trip visibility, reinforcing the Manneken Trip’s community. Once the expedition completed, a book will be written and a documentary film will be produced.

The project total costs is estimated at 120.426€€, of which 58.808€ represent strictly material equipment and gears. Daily expenses and logistic costs are respectively evaluated at 36.000€ and 25.168€.

The Manneken Trip is now actively seeking sponsoring partners with whom to establish long term working relationships. This project is a unique opportunity to create corporate value through brand awareness, media exposure, product reviews, image association and philanthropy. Both sponsoring partners and the Manneken Trip will benefit from these actions.

Find more information on the project website, on Facebook or on YouTube.

If you would like to support this initiative, you can find the sponsoring document here.