Are you ready to kickstart your international career?

20151031 Prince Albert Fund

Prince Albert Fund
"Are you ready to kickstart your international career?"

If you’re keen to broaden your horizons and take on the challenge of an international career, the Prince Albert Fund might be just what you need.

Essentially, it is your chance to manage a one-year business project of your choice for a Belgian company outside Europe, giving you invaluable business and inter-cultural experience, as well as accelerating your international career as a member of a select network of the Fund’s alumni.
Prince Albert Fund in presence of HRH
How does it work?
The first step is to apply for the grant online (application for 2016 grant is open between November 16th 2015 and January 27th 2016).

You don’t need a project to apply – the first thing we look at is the quality of your candidature as an individual via a thorough selection process.

Once you’re selected as a candidate, you’ll receive a number of training and coaching sessions. Here, you’ll be able to choose your own project and destination, either an opportunity from one of our candidate companies, or from your own contacts.

You get a Tax-free compensation of 25,000 EUR from the Prince Albert Fund, while the company will pay for your housing, flights and mission related expenses.

And then you’ll be off –
"1 year, 1 country, 1 project "

and it’s up to you to make it work. Hand in a successful project report at the end of your mission and you have a chance to become a Prince Albert Fund Laureate, a distinction that carries real recognition in the world of international Belgian business.
Who can apply?
To be a candidate, you must answer the following criteria:
► Be Belgian or have a EU citizenship with a clear link with Belgium
► Hold a master’s degree and have a keen interest in Business
► Be fluent in English
► Be mature, motivated, eager to learn and to discover new cultures, open-minded and with an entrepreneurial mindset
► Have at least 2-3 years of professional experience
► Be younger than 30 (at the date of the Jury)

Find out more through the alumni testimonials.
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King Baudouin Foundation
Rue Brederodestraat, Brederodestraat 21, 1000 Brussel
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and decide whether you’re ready to spread your wings and take off!