VUB welcomes 3 new Solvay Fellows, who are they?

20150617 VUB welcomes new Fellows

On the 17th of June, VUB welcomed 27 new Fellows in the city hall of Brussels, of which 3 Solvay Fellows.

The aim of the Fellowship programme is to act as a platform where academics and the worlds of society and business meet. Learn more on the Fellowship.
Wim van Hees
Wim van Hees - President and spokesperson at vzw Ademloos

“The continuing evolution of knowledge and wisdom are of the utmost importance for the evolution of mankind. Therefore, academia should be free but responsible in the way they pursue their mission. But they should do so with a clear view of the society they are part of.”
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Thierry Geerts
Thierry Geerts - Country Director at Google Belgium

“VUB is a university with open minds, with people from all origins and opinions in the centre of the European Community. Let’s make the web work for VUB.”
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Isabelle Meunier
Isabelle Meunier - Deputy Secretary General at the Belgian Institute for Registered Auditors (IBR)

My VUB Fellowship will enable me to share the expertise I gained as a registered auditor and as the current Deputy Secretary General of the Institute for Registered Auditors. Through guest lectures, I will have the opportunity to convince students and academics of the important independent and expert role of a registered auditor, towards clients and stakeholders. Providing research data will create the opportunity to realise reliable research for the benefit of both academia and the audit profession. Through ‘Academia meets Society’, I am convinced we can attain a better economic system.”
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These 3 unique personalities, together with 13 other Solvay Fellows will engage themselves by offering guest lectures on the basis of their expertise and competencies, in giving guidance on master's dissertations, in providing research data, in offering or supporting internships and/or in making available their networks for the acquisition of funds, chairs, or consulting services.