SSA Running Team - 49 finishers @20KM of Brussels

20150602 20km of brussels report

SSA Running Team
49 finishers at the 20KM of Brussels- Congratulations!
The 8th participation of the Solvay Schools Running Team (SSART) to the 20km of Brussels was a success!

All records are largely beaten. 71 registered runners and 49 finishers.
All the runners present before and after the race in The Belgacom (Proximus) Building took advantage of our facility : changing rooms, showers, and organic drinks and snacks after the race - at 10' walk from the start/finish.

See the final ranking of our team. Women are in pink.
Here are some statistics:
Registered 71
Finishers 49
Under 2 hours 31
Average age 40
Fastest 01:15:46 - 16,2km/h
Slowest 03:10:59 - 6,4km/h
Average 01:51:00 - 10,6km/h
The Running Nation Club
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Many thanks to all the participants of this edition, Reza Guillaume, Fabienne, Leen, and Michaël (SolvaySchoolsAlumni), Thomas who also pitched in for the after race drink & snack, and to The Running Nation Club. We hope to see you and many more next year or even before for the (half) marathon of Brussels on October 4, 2015. Keep training, and stay fit and healthy. Reza & Bernard
SSA Running Team 2015