FULL CIRCLE EVENT with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez on Being focused

       Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez on being focused

It takes just 7 seconds for us to decide whether to pay attention, to listen, to take action….or not. We make this decision unconsciously; either our brain connects with the topic or not. But when the connection happens, then we are in the 'zone' and we are FOCUSED. Antonio’s experience straddles business and academia and he knows a thing or two about being focused. During our dinner he’ll be sharing his insights into how we can waste less time, be more focused and create focused organisations.

Join us for dinner. 

When: Thursday 19th March, 7.30 - 11.00pm.
Where: Location disclosed a few days before the event.
What: A relaxed evening of talk and exchange over dinner.

Please reserve your place here: https://antonionietorodriguez-dinner.eventbrite.com

Event information:
o    Fee 55€ Members / 75€ Non-Members.
o    Apéritif, wine & full dinner included.
o    Non-Members can attend a couple of times before joining.

o    For more info see: http://fullcircle.eu/events/antonio-nieto-rodriguez/

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