9th Top Management Event on Nov. 5

Dear All,

THE TOP MANAGEMENT EVENT, an annual strategic meeting of Top Managers (9th edition), offers you the opportunity to confront your visions and strategies for 2015 with those of experts and CEOs invited to express their thoughts during the lunch debate.

Ø How do they see 2015 (each person in their specialty) : what kind of changes, what will be the impacts ?
Ø What to do ? Where to invest ? for a better performance
Ø What are the solutions in order to be able to overcome the difficulties and reach for success ?

The 5th November, Top Leaders anticipate 2015 for you !

More information can be found on: www.topmanagementevent.eu
Register now ! (limited number of places)

Looking forward to seeing you on the November 5th,

Alain Renier Thierry Roberti-Lintermans

Don't forget: THE TOP MANAGEMENT EVENT means:

To be connected with the most active Top Managers operating in Belgium for a few hours, in the same place!

To capture examples of the best practices focused on a strategic topic for a Top Manager's future success!

To also be connected with a sample of some of the best students from last year's most famous belgian business schools.