40 years this Wednesday and 100DaysToConvince.com

 40 years this Wednesday and 100DaysToConvince.com


“The first 100 days of my European start-up” recounted by a still-youthful (J) Belgian entrepreneur.


Hello, my name is Mathieu France and today, Wednesday 18 June 2014, is my 40th birthday. After 12 years of entrepreneurship in advertising, I am going into a non-advertising field and launching my digital and Belgian start-up called ‘Figibox’.


Inspired by two American initiatives (HiddenCash and Geocaching), Figibox(.com) offers you the chance to discover hidden treasures all around you.  Not money or the usual consumer-produced gadgets but objects that are quite simply beautiful.


This idea behind Figibox is to draw into the sunlight out of the daily mess and chaos two values that we think are important: beauty and sharing.


Therefore the purpose of this blog 100DaysToConvince.com is to share with you the birth of this company, and its first (hundred) steps.

At the end of each of these hundred stories I’ll be asking you the same question: “Do you think I am working 100 days towards final success … or towards failure?”  Up to you to decide!


Mathieu FRANCE

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