Reach Japan ! Through the EU-Japan Centre’s (free) Supports for SMEs

Managerial Training Programmes in Japan To facilitate SMEs’ participation in the training schemes organized by the EU-Japan Centre, participants from SMEs can apply for a scholarship to get up to EUR 3000 towards their living expenses. Step In Japan – a Hot Desk in Tokyo The EU-Japan Centre launched "Step in Japan", a new highly anticipated support initiative for SMEs. The service, which is offered free of charge, acts as a landing pad for EU-based SMEs planning on entering into or expanding within Japan. Enterprise Europe Network – Japan Representative With over 600 partner organisations located in 52 countries, the EEN is the largest network of contact points providing information and support for SMEs in the fields of international business cooperation, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer and cooperation in EU programmes. As Japan representative of the EEN, The EU-Japan Centre is pleased to provide you with free EEN services in cooperation with EU EEN partnering organisations. Tax and Public Procurement Helpdesk for European SMEs This new service intends to support the market access of European companies (particularly SMEs) to Japan, through the provision of free first-line information and advice on tax and public procurement (PP) and related issues, plus related training, materials and online resources. “Keys to Japan” – Business Plan Drafting Support Service for European SMEs The core objective of this new service is to support European SMEs with business plans/feasibility studies for market entry in Japan. “EU Business in Japan” – Practical information on Japan In accordance with the project of the Directorate-General for Enterprise & Industry of the European Commission to develop a global platform providing EU businesses with relevant information about business with third countries, the EU-Japan Centre has launched in January 2014 a new website and side activities (webinars, e-learning sessions, Experts’ publications) all dedicated to provide practical business information on Japan to EU companies.

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