Marc Le Blanc (MBA Class 2000) and WordsComeEasy 10th anniversary

Back in 2000, I graduated from Solvay Business School. Despite being from the UK, the idea of studying abroad – and particularly in ‘the capital of Europe’ - appealed greatly. So having read up on courses in Belgium, it was very quickly clear to me that there was only one place worth considering - Solvay.

A wonderfully inspiring and diverse course combined with a fantastic city not only provided me with great memories but also gave me the impetus to start up a company. The course was extremely well-structured and the classes were more often than not delivered by highly driven and enlightening professors. Out of all the classes I took, the one relating to ‘new business ventures’ captured me most…

In 2004, I was one of the people who set up the company Words Come Easy Limited ( ). We started up based on the poor nature of many corporate and marketing communications that we had seen from a number of companies across Europe (including the UK!). And the issues with such texts were not merely limited to spelling and grammar. We found that many texts also lacked style and flow.

At first, we operated a copywriting and copyediting service but over time – having established and tested out a network of highly experienced translators – we moved into the field of translations as well.

So this year will see us celebrate our tenth anniversary. This is something that we’re really proud about, especially given the tough economic times of late.

During these ten years, we’ve had some very enjoyable and long lasting collaborations, many of which have come from Belgium. And we hope to continue for many years to come…

Naturally, if you might be interested in translation or communication support then please feel free to get in touch with me via our website. It is always nice to link up with Solvay alumni, not least as it brings back memories of a great learning experience, those long summers and splendid Belgian food!